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Just a few days ago, we made our first “visit” to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk in “Hotel” (the upcoming fifth season of American Horror Story) the two main actors. More information about the story is shown from the filmmakers, and for the first time we clearly see one of the relationships between seasons – something Murphy and Brad Falchuk have mentioned a few times.

First Images from American Horror Hotel

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In the picture, we see Christine Estabrook as Marcy, the tedious real estate agent who sold the damn house to the Harmon family in the first season. Here she portrays the no less terrifying Cortes Hotel of the fashion icon Will Drake (Shayen Jackson) and his son. Whether there will be other connections, we still have to understand.

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Lady Gaga in American Horror Story

lady gaga in american horror story

And now, here is the detailed information about who is who and what is, followed by the pictures of the characters: Lady Gaga will act as Countess Elizabeth, the wealthy hotel owner who suffers from an “ancient blood virus” – in other words, she’s an vampire. It’s part of a love triangle, including Matt Bomer Donovan’s heroes (also vampires) and the recently transformed Tristan Duffy model in Finn Wittrock. Evan Peters is James March, the man built the hotel in 1930 as a place to hide his murderous activities.

The Rest of the Cast in AHS

Angela Basset is an actress named Ramona Royal, former Countess Elizabeth’s mistress who is looking for revenge. Katie Bates is Iris, Donovan’s mother and hotel manager. Sarah Paulson is Sally, a hotel guest, a drug addict and a girlfriend of the countess and enemy of Iris. Denis O’Hare is a film icon and transvestite known by the nickname Liz Taylor.

Wes Bentley is detective John Law, who is investigating a killer known as Ten Commandments Killer, and Chloe Sevney is his wife. Lily Reeb is the notorious murderer Aileen Wuornos, Max Greenfield is a drug addict, Naomi Campbell is Claudia, editor of Vogue, Madden Amick is the mother of a sick child, and Mare Winningham will be the hotel laundrette.

American Horror Story: Hotel Trailer

The premiere of “American Horror Story: Hotel” is Oct. 7 on FX.

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