The Best Horror Movies

Watching horror movies is our personal favorite. Isn’t it obvious by the name of this blog? Over the years, we’ve seen both scary and not-so-scary horror movies. With this in mind, Hollywood failed over the years to make horror movies in the truest sense without relying on extreme CGI and gore. To help you save time and disappointment, here’s our list of top horror movies that you’d want to check!

The Ring

Asian horror films especially Japanese horror is just far creepier than your average Hollywood film. The only problem with foreign films is that you’ll switch your attention back and forth to the subtitles. In the early 2000s, Asian horror flicks caught the attention of Hollywood.

The Ring (2002) is a Hollywood remake starring Naomi Watts. It follows the same plot as its Japanese counterpart. Basically, the premise is that you die in the next seven days after watching a creepy VHS. Blending both Asian elements and Hollywood visual effects, The Ring is a breath of fresh air for Hollywood horror genre during that time.

Paranormal Activity

Before Hollywood squeezed all the money it could get from Paranormal Activity franchise, it was a breakthrough horror film. Its concept was fresh in 2007. Paranormal Activity’s plot is centered in a couple’s haunted home. The story unfolds through the cameras set up by the couple to record the freaky incidences inside their house.

What makes this film scary? It happened inside the main character’s house. Also, the raw footages from the security cameras even made things feel real. We suggest that you don’t watch this movie alone in your house.

The Shining

Who wouldn’t recognize the classic line, “Here’s Johnny”? The Shining is a 1980 Stanley Kubrick movie that showcased Jack Nicholson’s classic performance as a writer turned psycho killer. It’s a story of a writer and his family staying in an isolated hotel somewhere in Colorado. Story unfolds using premonitions and visions via Jack’s child.


For the best horror film of all time, you have the classic Exorcist. No matter how old this film is, possessed Linda Blair will forever give us the creeps. It has a simple plot. According to its IMDB profile, it’s based loosely on actual events.

The story centers on Regan (Linda Blair) who started acting weird. How weird? You know, levitating and speaking foreign language no child can ever do? This is where things become interesting. A local priest suggested that the child is probably possessed. Now, it’s up to its exorcism expert to save the day.

Do you have other horror movies that you want us to review? Feel free to leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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  1. Myas
    Myas says:

    “The ring” is indeed dreadful movie. I watched it 14 years ago and I still can’t forget the girl that comes out from the well 😮


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