American Horror Hotel Details & Trailer

Just a few days ago, we made our first “visit” to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk in “Hotel” (the upcoming fifth season of American Horror Story) the two main actors. More information about the story is shown from the filmmakers, and for the first time we clearly see one of the relationships between seasons – something Murphy and Brad Falchuk have mentioned a few times.

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Critics Buzz & Reviews | The Wicker Tree Movie

The Wicked Tree received mixed reviews from diverse critiques and magazines; some of them said the film was good, some regular, and some spoke harsh words. During the release of the film at the Fantasia Festival, the movie received multiple reviews; the review provided by Fangoria was slightly good, stating that

“even as a black comedy, Wicker Tree can’t match the impact of its predecessor. Still, for those fans of Wicker Man who can open their minds to viewing, as Monty Python used to put it, something completely different, the new movie can be appreciated as an entertaining variation on its themes.”

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The Best Horror Movies

Watching horror movies is our personal favorite. Isn’t it obvious by the name of this blog? Over the years, we’ve seen both scary and not-so-scary horror movies. With this in mind, Hollywood failed over the years to make horror movies in the truest sense without relying on extreme CGI and gore. To help you save time and disappointment, here’s our list of top horror movies that you’d want to check!

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