The Wicker Tree – Horror or Not? – Clearing the Dilemma

Robert Hardy’s 2011 film has received some quite harsh critiques the moment it was released and up the present.It received some of the lowest scores for Horror movies during 2011 and 2012. Audiences, magazines, and critiques have all pointed out the bizarreness and pointlessness of the movie; questioning whether it classifies as an actual horror film or not.

the wicker tree movie is a horror or not?

The Same Plot Over and Over Again

The main concern is the lack of suspense, the poor cast and the bad-beat repeated plot. The whole plot is just totally predictable for anyone who watched the 70’s horror masterpiece The Wicker Man. Suspense was nowhere to be found, just like Steve’s purity ring after meeting Lolly.

The successful horror classic, The Wicker Man, remains far better than any of the ridiculous attempts to bring it back to life. Back in 2006, his remake of The Wicker Man featuring a Nicolas Cage plagued by bees didn’t quite make it into the Horror category either. With this 2011 attempt, people questions whether Hardy still has the directing gift or not; claiming that he has been trying too hard to extend his 1973 success, which honestly isn’t going to happen.

horror movies

Horror Genre Appointed by ‘Force’

The Wicker Tree was released as a horror movie, but it lacks every property of such category. The film is just an overall mistake, trying t

o fit in by adding repetitive and unnecessary nudity. Luckily for Hardy, we just can’t get enough of Honeysuckle Weeks naked.

There are very few things in the movie that fit in the horror category, the plot is just inconsistent and pretty much makes the audience cringe.


We don’t know if The Wicker Tree qualifies as a failed horror film, a weird Christian pop musical or some (extremely) bizarre come

dy. What we do know, is that our preaching protagonists are sent to a creepy town to be explicitly slaughtered.   It’s safe to say that the only scary part of the movie is the cast.

Lack of Professionalism

Lots of arguments have stated that the actors weren’t able to fulfill the roles they were given. Neither the protagonists nor the “

villains” were able to provide a sinister approach to the movie. Perhaps the excessive amount of unexplainable and weird plot twis

ts made the movie somehow scary.

The cinematic effects could have provided much more to the movie. Back in 1973, the town in The Wicker Man was definitely something that remained in your mind for the next week. However, in this 2011 mini sequel they didn’t take advantage of the modern visual effect resources they could’ve used.

The film also lacks proper audio effects to support the suspense and horror. The poor-quality background sounds made it difficu

lt to feel a scary sense of suspense; the overall effects didn’t really manage to pull the audience to the tip of their seats (it set them back to a sleeping position instead).

Let’s give Hardy some credit, perhaps our protagonists weren’t aware of the (extremely) obvious danger they were into. I bet you didn’t expect Steve to be suddenly torn apart alive in some creepy forgotten castle, did you? Nor did you expect Beth to confront Sir Morrison, burning him alive in a happy ending.


Another thought:

Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Movie is Fabulous in It’s Way

Somehow, certain audiences managed to enjoy the movie (as unlikely as it sounds). (Very) few critiques appreciated the abstract style of the plot and the film in general; stating that it isn’t as good as the original film but it’s significantly superior to the shameful 2006 version.

Perhaps the movie would have achieved more success if the director dropped the “The Wicker” name. The movie itself is notably different from its original version, despite being based off a similar story of a heathen culture in a really far town.

scene from the wicker tree movie

The idea was not that far off the tracks; the problem was trying to connect the two movies. Removing the seriously awkward plot twists such as the random infertility caused by a nuclear plant and adding some proper effects, the movie would look somewhat acceptable.

What are your personal thoughts on this movie? Do you agree with the critiques?

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      Yes Cona, a more paranormal moments are present. Yet it doesn’t mean that blood isn’t involved too much in the movie and that should make it less scarier 😉


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