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The Wicker Tree is a 2011 movie directed by Robin Hardy. Contrary to popular belief, the movie is not related to the 70’s film “The Wicker Man” of the same director. The Wicker Tree does however make reference to The Wicker Man multiple times throughout the movie.

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The protagonist in this movie is Beth, a former world start in the pop genre. Beth is a highly religious person, tight to her evangelical Christian beliefs. After being reborn by the church, she showed a particular interest in Christian pop, and began her new career as such. She becomes part of a musical group called “Cowboys for Christ”, in which they travel around pagan areas preaching their religion through pop music. Steve, who’s engaged to Beth, is also an evangelical Christian and wears a purity ring along with Beth.Reverend Moriarty suggests a trip to a pagan area for their next presentation, Glasgow – Scotland. Once there, they’ll try to bring salvation upon some people. But when they arrived however, they had a really negating and hard welcome; Beth was set next to a big dog.

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Posterior to their first presentation in a local cathedral, Beth and Steve are approached by a couple. The couple consists of the landholders of the local town Tressock; Sir Lachlan Morrison along with his wife Delia Morrison, who invite the protagonists to preach at a local celebration known as May Day. However, they intend that the duo becomes more involved in the festival.

The residents of Tressock became infertile because of nuclear effects produced by a plant owned by Sir Lachlan. During a horse-mount trip, Steve meets a local village woman taking a naked bath in the water, Lilly. After a sexual encounter with Lilly, Steve feels horrible because of what he did.

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Not Done Whatsoever | Synopsis continues

In the meantime, a new character arrives at Tressock; investigator Orlando, who’s sent as an imposter of the local sheriff in an underground operation that follows rumors of a heathen culture in town. Detective Orlando also met Lilly, and after having many sexual encounters with her, he finds out that the village people praises an ancient Celt goddess, Sulis.

The protagonist couple proceeds to start preaching at local celebrations of the May Day. Trying to attract some attention to their presentation, they accept the offer of becoming The Queen & The Lad of the May during the celebrations. However, they’re not aware of the unpleasant roles that come with such titles.

As the rituals begin, Steve mounts a horse and must escape from the villagers, which follow him until they reach an abandoned castle where villagers corner Steve and kill him. Meanwhile, Sir Lachlan’s butler (Beame) attempts to drug Beth so he can arrange her to play as the Queen of the May. A day before, the butler tried to drug her as well; however, the sedated milk killed Sir Lachlan’s cat (Magog). During his second attempt to drug her, Beth struggles with Beame and manages to break free. After running into town, she’s captured and she finds out about Steve’s death. Beth then decides to face Sir Lachlan around the wicked tree, where she pushes him into the edifice and lights it on fire and ends his life.

Beth then attempts to make her final escape from the horror town Tressock, aided by some of the kids who still live in the village. However, she is unsuccessful in her attempt and is later executed. As part of the ritual, her corpse was kept and mounted for display next to the former May Queens in a special chamber.

Lolly, who had sexual encounters with both Steveand Investigator Orlando, turns out to be pregnant with Steve’s child; to which she brings life to. With the kid being born, a fresh generation starts in Tressock after many years.

Warping it up | The Wicker Tree

While The Wicker Tree movie has questionable genre issues or call them dilemmas it remains unique in it’s ‘bad’ mingled story with lot to offer and learn from. The successor of 1973 first edition of the initial movie is a perfect ‘cap’ and a decent one.

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  1. Kendrick
    Kendrick says:

    When I first saw the trailer i thought that the movie is going to be awesome, but the trailer was better than the movie itself. I admit that I thought the movie was okay, but I think that my expectations were too high for it.


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