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If you’re a fan of the 70’s horror film classic The Wicker Man and you haven’t had the chance to watch the 2012 sub-sequel The Wicker Tree, you don’t have to wait any longer. There are loads of methods with which you can buy the full movie and look at Robert Hardy’s latest film.
Internet services now allow you to enjoy your favorite online streaming movies from the comfort of your house. It’s as simple as searching the movie and acquiring it; forget about going to your local movie store and spending money on a online movie that you’ll honestly only watch once. Some internet services require a monthly payment while others will allow you to watch the full movies you’ve bought unlimited times.

We’ll go through 3 internet services where you can watch full movies online, including The Wicker Tree. Note that this is not a ranking and the services are listed in no particular order, we’re compiling a list of services that will allow you to watch the full movie online or in DVD/Blu-ray.


MegaMovies.cc is a movies online streaming service where you´ll be able to watch the full The Wicker Tree movie in HD or SD. This service is different from Amazon Videos and from Netflix DVD, in Netflix you´re required to pay a monthly online movies megamoviessubscription instead of a one-time payment ( with 5 days free trial).
Once subscribed you can access the whole Netflix & Amazon database of movies and series. Do note that since this is a streaming service you’ll need proper internet speed in order to enjoy High Definition movies. We also recommend letting the films load for 1-2 minutes before watching it to avoid buffering in the middle of the movie.
Many users prefer to use the MegaMovies.cc service, as they can watch a whole month of movies and series for a cheap subscription, which is worth about as much as the DVD Blu-ray of The Wicker Tree.
You can also enjoy MegaMovies.cc one month free trial to watch free movies online during your first 30 days. All required is a registration e-mail, and you’ll find yourself enjoying The Wicker Tree in no time as many times as you want. MegaMovies.cc has certain geo restrictions that might stop certain users from accessing the service, but it can be avoided by using VPNs.

Amazon Video

Amazon.com/Amazon-Video Service consists of a digital movie rental. You can access multiple versions of a movie in digital format, such as dubbed versions, extended film, etc. You have the option to permanently purchase the full movie or to rent it for 24 hours.
When purchasing the movie, you’ll be able to select the quality of your preference. Standard Definition is cheaper of course, but generally the High Definition version isn’t much more expensive. Note that once purchased, you’re not given the option to download it nor do you receive the movie file- you’ll still need to watch The Wicker Tree online netflix dvd rentalsfrom the site (take this in consideration for the quality you’re choosing, as some internet connections aren’t fast enough to be able to enjoy the HD film).
When renting the movie, you’re also given the option to choose the quality that suits you the most, whether you’re looking for SD or HD. Not all movies might have HD format depending on their release date. Once you rent the movie, you’ll have 30 days to start watching the movie, and once you play the movie you’ll have 24 hours to watch it.
You can watch the full movie of The Wicker Tree from Amazon Video while using your PC or mobile device; do note that certain devices might not be supported. There’s a page in the link with a list of supported mobile devices to watch this movie. You can also access High Definition from your mobile device as well (if supported).
You can also check the trailer at Amazon Video before purchasing, as well as read the reviews and the feedback provided by IMDb. If you want to old-school, you can also purchase the DVD Blu-ray from Amazon, note that this method is about twice as expensive and might need an additional shipping fee; however, you also have the option to buy a pre-owned DVD Blu-ray of The Wicker Tree for a cheaper price.

Netflix DVD

Dvd.Netflix.com is one of Netflix´s services. Unlike the main Netflix platform, this service doesn´t stream movies online. It consists of a rental program in which you´re required to pay a monthly subscription in order to enjoy. However, the subscription fee isn´t high at all and is in fact often preferred by users. For $4.99, you can get access to The Wicker Tree in DVD or Blu-ray, and a wide selection of other movies.
Once registered in Netflix DVD, you can access a totally free 30 Day Trial, where you can test and enjoy the service. netflix dvd rentalsHow does it work? With only one monthly payment of $4.99, you´ll get access to the whole Netflix DVD/Blu-Ray library. Select the movie you´re looking for and the version you want (if applicable), and you’ll receive it at your front door in no time, and shipping is absolutely free.

When you have finished watching The Wicker Tree you can send the DVD back to Netflix DVD (for free) and request another movie to be shipped to your front door. You can repeat the process as long as your subscription is active, and you can keep The Wicker Tree to watch it as many times as you want before trading it. This service is also highly preferred because of its flexibility in the return time; there are no late-return fees or extra charges.
Netflix DVD counts with different subscriptions that allow you to access more benefits, such as requesting 2 movies at a time. For premium users, you can request both The Wicker Tree and The Wicker Man at the same time.
Most movies (including The Wicker Tree) can also be requested in both HD and SD DVDs/Blu-ray.

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